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About Us

Tri-Collective is the collaboration of the original TC team (Nicola, Michael & Matt), who met whilst working in a government funded Mental Health Co-ordination initiative.

Since 2013 we submitted a stack of NDIS applications and facilitated and coordinated support for hundreds of participants. In 2017 we branched out on our own to continue to provide great support to those funded by the NDIS. In 2018, the operating team changed and is now solely operated by Nicola.

It is still our intention to provide a quality community based service that is supportive of you, your family and carers as well as any current service providers you are working with. 


Tri-Collectives aim is to assist you to develop and enjoy, getting life done. We understand that any progress requires a tri-partnership where You, We, and Your Community makes three so you can live a life UN-Limited.


We value approaches that are purposeful to an individual and know that some things just have to get done to live a life UN-limited. We value outcomes that are sustainable for individuals and supportive of showing what is possible. We value a real world living experience for individuals, which includes connection and contribution to others and the community



Innovation of Perspective

Sustainability of Outcomes

Growth through Adventure

Progression through Partnership

Collaboration through Inclusion

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