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UN-Limited Connections

Try something once or complete a short course in a hobby or area of interest to expand your horizons. Tri-Collective partner with fantastic local services to deliver special interest experiences, with 1:1 support (small group or individual depending on need and numbers). 
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The Living UN-limited Program
The Living Un-Limited Program is a quarterly reviewed, 12-month competency based skill development program for those in Tri-Collective Supported Accommodation.
Working 1:1 with a SIL mentor the course takes you at your own pace through essential skill development, so you can do activities of daily living for yourself.
You'll move through stages as your ability grows, making the program flexible to your learning needs and pace. 
Travel UN-Limited / Travel UN-Limited Community
1:1 support for those in Tri-Collective Supported Independent Living or living independently in the community to plan and experience travel in Australia or abroad.
*please note all of our activities will be dependent on the capabilities of the provider to accommodate your particular disability needs; please contact us to discuss  your unique requirements further. / Tri-Collective Pty Ltd / ABN 30 614 156 928 

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